Deck Refinishing 

Do you have a deck that needs some sprucing up? Perhaps your deck hasn’t been updated in years and it needs a little help. You do not have to invest in a whole new deck just to have a beautiful place to sit outside. You can work with the one you have. One of our new deck services includes refinishing. 

Have you noticed the color of your deck fading? Is it starting to look a little dull? Are you noticing stains and dirt in the wood? Is there a new color, look, or finish you want your deck to have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, refinishing might be a great choice for you! But how does refinishing work? Let’s take a look at what goes into the process of refinishing a deck:

  1. Cleaning- The process usually begins with a thorough cleaning for better visualization. 
  2. Inspecting- When refinishing a deck, we inspect it for any existing damage or rot to ensure that no additional updates need to be made. 
  3. Sanding- From there, a deck is often sanded to remove splinters and even out the surface. This allows for the best canvas for a new coat. After sanding, if we see any boards that need replacing, we can do so. 
  4. Staining- Next, we can apply a fresh stain. This is the part that makes a deck look brand new.

If you feel your deck is ready for a makeover but you don’t want a brand new one, refinishing can be a great option for you. We love working with clients to make their vision a reality. Are you ready to start the process of refinishing your deck? Give us a call today so we can get you started on the right path!

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