Debunking Common Myths About Siding

Siding plays a very important role in keeping your home safe from the elements. However, many people have misconceptions about siding and why it is necessary. In fact, we have heard many siding myths that are just not true. In this blog, we will look at some common siding myths and debunk them so that you can better make informed decisions when it comes to your home.

Myth 1: Vinyl Siding Looks Cheap

A very common siding myth is that vinyl siding looks cheap. This persistent falsity could not be more incorrect. This may stem from the fact that early versions of vinyl siding looked more plastic-like. However, over the years, with technological advancements, the appearance has significantly improved, making vinyl both affordable and looking high-end. 

Myth 2: Siding Is Just for Aesthetics

While siding can definitely make your home more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, it plays a much more important purpose. Siding actually serves a crucial function for your home, acting as a barrier between harsh weather and the interior of the house. Siding provides insulation, keeping the temperature of your home balanced, and this also lowers energy bill prices.

Myth 3: Siding Is High Maintenance

While some homeowners believe that siding can be high maintenance, this is actually false. In fact, depending on the material of your siding, it doesn’t require much upkeep at all. Vinyl siding, in particular, is very low maintenance and only needs occasional cleaning. Understanding the maintenance of your siding is important, and you will probably find that your siding requires very little maintenance at all. 

As you can see, there are many siding myths that are important to debunk. By understanding the truths about siding, you can make informed decisions. Do you have more questions about siding? Call us today!

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