Common Types of Wind Damage to Your Home

The winds have been pretty strong recently in certain parts of the country, and this can result in damage to your home in many different ways. If you find that you wake up in the morning and go outside to see pieces of your home on the ground, you are not alone. Many people have been dealing with wind damage, and while it is unfortunately common, it is very important to have this damage fixed as soon as possible so that it does not worsen. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways that wind can damage your home:


  • Your siding- The wind can be quite detrimental to your siding. All it takes is some heavy gusts of wind to pull pieces of your siding  right off your home. If you find that part of your siding has been ripped off or damaged, give us a call so we can come and fix it up for you or replace it if needed.
  • Your roof- Unfortunately, the wind can also damage your roof. It might bend or pull off certain shingles entirely. Wind can also affect the granules of your shingles, and might cause tree branches to scrape at the top of  your house, hurting your shingles. If this happens, immediately call us or another professional to come and fix it up in order to prevent leaks and/or further damage. Make sure tree branches are always cut back so that they do not hang over your roof, and stay up to date on how your roof is looking. Yearly inspections are important for this reason.
  • Your gutters- Heavy winds can knock debris into your gutters, clogging them. The wind can also dent, bend, or even fully remove your gutters. If this happens, you must immediately take action to get them fixed or replaced in order to prevent ice dams and flooding to your home.
  • Your windows- Did you know that wind-driven rain can find its way through the cracks in your windows? Wind can also cause your windows to shake, creating gaps in the frame, and causing leaks. 

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