Checking Your House for Air Leaks


Does your house ever get really cold? Do you find that no matter what you turn the heat to in the winter, you just can’t seem to get your home to warm up? There are multiple reasons that you house might be overly cold, but the one we will focus on in this blog is air leaks.

What are air leaks, and how can you fix them?

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Air leaks happen when there is a tiny opening of space at the bottom or side of a door or window. Sometimes, these minuscule openings are barely visible to the naked eye. Other times, you can find these very easily. So, how can you tell if your house has air leaks? The first thing to do is walk throughout the house, noticing where you feel cold air coming in from. Feel for drafts. If you can feel air leaking from a door or window, you have found your source of cold air. Like water, air can leak too, chilling the entire house quickly. So, what should you do to correct an air leak?


One option (and probably the best option) is to get a draft stopper. These can be very cheap and easy to find. These can even be helpful for blocking out loud noise! Some draft stoppers are simply placed against the bottom of the door whereas others are slid beneath the door to block the air leaking in. They are effective, cheap, and easy!

Another option is to caulk any tiny openings in the side of a window or a door. Like draft stoppers, caulk is easy to use and you can do it yourself. Simply follow the directions on the caulk and carefully seal up any openings that shouldn’t be there.

Finally, if you are ever unsure, or if you need something replaced, you can call us with any questions you have! We are here and happy to help!

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