Changes in the Roofing Industry Because of the Pandemic


The pandemic changed a lot for all of us, and the roofing industry has definitely shifted as well. It might surprise you to see just how many changes roofers have had to deal with during this time. Read on below to learn about the major differences that we have seen in our industry due to the pandemic, and how they might affect your experience with roofing today.

  • Material Shortages- We have looked at the cause of material shortages in a previous blog, and we are still very much affected by this back stock. The multiple shutdowns that took place during the pandemic not only made it so much harder to get the materials we need at a reasonable time, but it also meant that prices of these materials have started rising.
  • Prices RisingWith the shortage of materials, and the fact that many did not feel safe leaving their houses during the pandemic, prices of labor started going up. This is important to keep in mind when wanting to start a roofing project so that you are not caught off guard. In fact, many roofing companies have raised their prices by eight to ten percent!
  • Longer Wait Times- Since materials are taking longer to arrive, there are now longer wait times when receiving a new or updated roof. This means that if you want to have some work done to your home, it is recommended to start planning ahead of schedule to allow for extra time for materials to come in.
  • Employment Changes- During the pandemic, many saw changes in their career choices. The roofing industry was no exception. While C3 American Exteriors was lucky enough to keep our wonderful employees, many others were not. This has also affected wait times for roofing since there are less people to get the job done. 
  • Virtual Meetings- Since it was not safe to meet in person for a while, many meetings became virtual. In fact, a lot of companies have continued to keep their meetings virtual to ensure everyone’s safety. In addition, virtual consultations are fast and convenient, and this is one of the positive changes we have found within the pandemic.


Though we might have seen many major differences in the past two years, we want you to know that we work hard to keep up with them and shift with our ever-changing industry. We will not allow anything to stand in our way of helping you with whatever roofing projects you need done. We are here for you.

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