CertainTeed Products and Saving Energy

CertainTeed products are one of our main resources when it comes to roofing. They are a fantastic company with wonderfully reliable resources. Recently, in our blogs, we have been discussing how to save energy costs when it comes to your home. We discussed why updating your home can be essential, but in this blog we will talk about why CertainTeed products, in particular, can help you to save energy and reduce overall costs.

When it comes to roofing and reliable products, CertainTeed is one of the best companies to work with. They offer a large variety of resources for updating or building a home. In addition, they focus a lot on saving energy to help both homeowners and the environment. Not only do they share tips and tricks for saving energy on their website, but they produce many resources that can specifically save you energy.

On their website, CertainTeed talks about Energy Star. This company is government-supported, and it deems which products can help save you energy, protecting our earth as well. When you see an Energy Star symbol, it means a product has been deemed as especially energy efficient. 

CertainTeed has specific products that have been given this certification. From their Sustainable Insulation to their EasyTouch Encapsulated Insulation, they have multiple certified insulation products backed by Energy Star. Insulation, in particular, can save you energy by adding extra layers inside of your roof, blocking as much heat from being able to warm up your house. Homeowners can save up to fifteen percent on energy by increasing insulation in their homes. CertainTeed recommends FiberGlass insulation as their top choice for saving energy.

Many of CertainTeed’s shingles and roofing products have also been certified through energy star. In fact, CertainTeed has created multiple products specifically meant for saving energy, even offering a variety of solar roofing products!

This is one of the many reasons why we love CertainTeed. Want to learn more about the CertainTeed products we offer and how  you can save on energy prices? Give us a call!

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