How to Prevent Leaks From the Rain

The past few days, it has been raining quite a bit in the Maryland area. The sky has been gray and the atmosphere has felt rather dreary. Many have been staying inside as much as possible and enjoying the heat. During rainy days like these, we hear of a lot of roof leaks. Has this […]

Protecting Your Roof During Hurricane Season

As you probably know hurricane season is upon us, and certain states are experiencing intense storms more than others. The closer you are to the ocean, the more at risk you are for hurricane damage. C3 American Exteriors works with multiple states that border the ocean. These States include Maryland, Delaware, South Carolina, and North […]

Questions to Ask Your Roofer Part Two

In our last blog, we discussed the best questions to ask a roofer when deciding who to use for your project. In this blog, we will be looking at four more important questions that you should ask a possible contractor. The more you learn about the company that might be working on your home, the […]

The Best Questions to Ask a Roofer

Having work done on your roof can feel like a big project, and finding someone you trust to do that work is incredibly important. With so many companies out there, one way to ensure that you are selecting the right company is to ask the proper questions. In this blog, we will look at some […]

Keep Your Roof Safe in the Fall

With the seasons changing, we would once again like to remind you to inspect and prepare your roof for Autumn. With the weather changing, many of us will begin to see leaves changing colors on the trees. While this is absolutely beautiful to look at, it will soon be followed by the same leaves dropping […]

How Does Siding Keep You Cool?

Did you know that siding actually helps to regulate the temperature of your home? At C3 American Exteriors, one of our specialties is siding. While siding completes the look of your home and makes it beautiful, it also serves a purpose outside of that. Siding is designed to help insulate your home, creating extra barriers […]

Roofing Problems Near the Ocean

Did you know that we offer our roofing services in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? If you live in Myrtle Beach and are looking for a roofer, we are the company for you! When it comes to living near a beach, there are certain issues that might arise that you may not see further inland. While […]

Is Now a Good Time to Finance?

The idea of financing can sometimes be overwhelming, and because of this, many people put off necessary and important projects for far too long. This can become a very serious issue overtime. We understand that money might be tight and financing can seem like a stressful process, but that is why we are here to […]

What Areas do we Serve?

Are you looking for a roofer in your area? Did you know that C3 American Exteriors serves five different states? We love to be able to help as many people as possible. Our customers are our main priority, so the more people we can serve, the better! Whether you are looking for an update to […]