Signs Your Gutters Are Clogged and Need Attention

The gutters of your home are crucial for preventing water based damage, and they help to ensure a longer lifespan for your property. However, gutters have the potential to become clogged. This can be caused by twigs, leaves, dirt, and other debris, and can hinder the effectiveness of your gutters. So, what are some signs […]

Maintaining Your Trees to Protect Your Roof

Trees offer an aesthetic appeal for your home in addition to their many environmental benefits. However, they can also come with a great deal of risks. When trees are allowed to grow until they hang over your home, they can cause damage and pose threats to your property. Overhanging branches can scrape at shingles, bending […]

Does Snow Affect Your Deck?

As the snowy season approaches, you might be wondering how to maintain your deck in the winter. Decks— especially newer ones— are usually very sturdy, but older decks can be impacted by intense weather. This includes snow. If you have an older deck, and you live in areas that get a lot of snow— such […]

Do You Have Window Drafts in Hanover, Pennsylvania?

Are you dealing with window drafts? Do you live in Hanover, Pennsylvania? With the colder seasons upon us, keeping your home warm is essential. However, many people— especially with older homes— will be dealing with window drafts. These drafts allow cold air to seep into the home, impacting both your comfort and energy bills. If […]

The Most Common Roof Problems in the Winter

With winter approaching, it is time to prepare for the snowy season. Every year, we like to remind you of common damage you might see in the winter, especially with older or damaged roofs. We always suggest getting a free inspection before winter arrives to make sure your roof is ready to face the cold […]

Get Your Free Winter Inspection

Now that Fall is upon us, winter is just around the corner. With the oncoming cold season, it is important to ensure that your home is prepared to face the frigid weather. There are many ways to do this, but we always recommend having a professional take a look. This is especially prevalent if you […]

Why is Now the Perfect Time for New Siding in Pennsylvania?

Now that Autumn is here, winter is just around the corner. If you live in Pennsylvania, or elsewhere on the East Coast of the United States, you know how cold the winters can be. Due to the frigid temperatures, it is important to ensure that your home is equipped to deal with the cold. This […]

Insulated Vinyl vs. Engineered Wood vs. Fiber Cement

The siding of your home offers protection while providing the beauty of the exterior.   There are many options to choose from when considering the best siding for your home. In this blog, we will be looking at the main three siding materials that we work with and comparing them so you can gain a […]

Your Yearly Reminder to Have Your Chimney Inspected

With the weather changing, this is the time of year where people are beginning to buy firewood and prepare their fireplaces. For this reason, we are extending our yearly reminder to have your fireplace inspected. The reason we continue to remind you about this year after year is because fireplace inspections are incredibly important to […]