Can Cicadas Cause Damage to Your House?

Alright everyone, it is officially happening. The cicadas are back. Seventeen years seemed to fly right by, and now it is tough to go outside without seeing or hearing the big bugs everywhere. They can be quite annoying, popping up everywhere, and making their way into our houses and cars. This raises the question, should we be worried about any damage they can cause to our homes? Are cicadas harmful to our roofs and siding? 

Read on to learn about cicadas and whether or not they can damage your home.

Cicadas are, for the most part, completely harmless. They don’t bite or sting, and they aren’t poisonous. The reason many people don’t like them is purely because they can be a little bit annoying. So, can cicadas cause damage to your house?

The answer is that it is unlikely. While it is always possible for any bug or critter to leave damage, cicadas are not likely to do so. They mostly damage young trees, laying their eggs in the branches. Unless you have a younger tree with branches that are arching over your house, you should be safe from damage.

However, if you see cicada shells all along the bottom of your house, feel free to sweep them up and keep everything tidy. If shells get wet and sit for a while, there is always the slim possibility of mold growing. For the most part though, cicadas are not going to affect very much at all. They are only around for about six weeks, and will go away again for another seventeen years after that. In reality, we can simply leave them be, and our houses will be just fine. There are many other bugs out there that do cause damage to your house. Some of these include moths, beetles, bumble bees, termites, and so much more!

If you are ever unsure if your house has damage, give us or a roofing professional a call! It is better to be safe than sorry.


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