Basics Steps for Storm Preparedness

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Any time of the year, a powerful thunderstorm can arise when you least expect it. C3 American Exteriors urges you to get your home ready for the intense wind and rain. Here are some of the basic steps for storm preparedness.

Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

Now is the perfect time to get a professional roof inspection in Pennsylvania. Although your roof may seem to be in good condition, it could have some hidden issues. Some of the potential problems include sagging, cracks, and moss growth. The extra peace of mind is well worth it.

Fix Loose Shingles and Tiles

Over time, it’s not uncommon for a roof to experience loose shingles and tiles. Before storm season, be sure to seek professional roof repair in Pennsylvania. During a heavy downpour, water could seep beneath the roof. This means there’s a greater chance for a leak to develop.

Perform the Necessary Landscaping

If there are trees near your home, make sure that there aren’t any limbs touching the roof. It’s also important to trim dead branches off your trees. This is a key aspect of roof maintenance in Pennsylvania. High winds could blow a branch onto your home, thus causing thousands of dollars in damage. Use a reputable landscaping company if needed.

Clean Debris from Valleys and Gutters

It doesn’t take long for debris to collect in your valleys and gutters. To help prevent roof leaks in Pennsylvania, take the time to clean these roof features. Leaves, twigs, and pine needles can all cause rainwater to back up.

Consider Getting a New Roof

Don’t wait to replace an aging roof. After getting new roofing in Pennsylvania, you’ll have an extra degree of protection against storms. Some metal roofs can last for up to 70 years.

If you need a roof repair or inspection, contact C3 American Exteriors. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form.

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