Roofing Problems Near the Ocean

Did you know that we offer our roofing services in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina? If you live in Myrtle Beach and are looking for a roofer, we are the company for you! When it comes to living near a beach, there are certain issues that might arise that you may not see further inland. While […]

What to do After a Storm

We’d had some pretty big storms hitting the past few days. Many roofs in the Maryland areas were victims of strong winds, trees and branches falling, and heavy rain. Maybe you lost power or wifi. Perhaps you noticed your siding has bent or cracked. Whether you received damage to your siding, gutters, or roofing in […]

Roofing and Siding in the Lutherville-Timonium Area

Are you looking for roofing or siding in the Lutherville- Timonium area? If you live in Northern Baltimore County, and you are looking to have work done on your roof or siding in areas such as Cockeysville or Lutherville- Timonium, we are here to help. We have many locations, one of which is in Hunt […]

Why is Insulation Important for Your Roof?

There are many parts to a good roof. One essential part of a roof that many do not consider is insulation. It is important to make sure a roof is properly insulated. You might not think about the insulation that goes into roofing since it is not seen on the outside. However, insulation is a […]

What Causes a Roof to Leak?

Have you experienced a leak in your home? Dealing with leaks is surprisingly common. The problem is that many people will simply allow small leaks to go unchecked. Perhaps you have seen someone simply place a bucket or a trashcan beneath the leak to catch the water. While this might prevent water from flooding into […]

CertainTeed Products and Saving Energy

CertainTeed products are one of our main resources when it comes to roofing. They are a fantastic company with wonderfully reliable resources. Recently, in our blogs, we have been discussing how to save energy costs when it comes to your home. We discussed why updating your home can be essential, but in this blog we […]

What is the Purpose of Granules on Shingles?

There are three parts to a roof: asphalt, fiberglass matting, and stone granules. When you get a new roof, you are ensuring that these important parts are updated and in good shape. Each serves a purpose. Older shingles become thinner over time from erosion and weather, and their granules can wear down. This, in particular, […]

Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?

If you follow our blogs, you know how important it is to be on top of roof inspections. We offer these for free, so you have nothing to lose. The problem is that most people assume their roof is in great condition, and the roof is then left unchecked. Unless you are a professional and […]

Why Are Your Doors Sticking?

The warmer weather is here, and many are excited to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. However, there are a lot of changes that shift with the weather as well. One common change, especially with older homes, is that doors tend to stick when opening and closing them. Does this happen to you? Have you […]