Anatomy of a Shingle

In our blogs, we talk a lot about shingles and how to keep your roof in the best possible condition. But, have you ever wondered what a shingle is made up of? Shingles are an important part of a roof, protecting your home from the elements. This means they have to be strong enough to hold up in any storm. Shingles may look rather simple, but they actually have multiple layers. These include asphalt, stone granules, and fiberglass matting. In this blog, we will explore these three parts of a shingle to learn more about why they are important and what their purpose is.

  • Fiberglass Matting: This part of a shingle is what makes it strong and durable. It is made of strands of woven fiberglass. This is a huge part of what gives a shingle its strength and helps it to hold up against the elements.
  •  Asphalt: After the fiberglass is woven together, it is coated with asphalt. Not only does this give a shingle more durability, but it helps to waterproof it, keeping water from leaking into the home. 
  • Stone Granules: If you read our blogs, you know just how important stone granules are. The top layer of a shingle is made of these granules. Granules serve a very important role in keeping your roof strong and protected. They also offer UV protection to keep your home nice and cool from the sun while lengthening a shingle’s lifespan. In addition, they offer better protection against fires.

As you can see, each part of a shingle serves an important purpose in keeping your home protected. When you understand the anatomy of a shingle, you can better know what to look out for when it comes to maintaining your roof. If you ever suspect anything needs fixing, call us for a free inspection or consultation.

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