An Interview With Our CEO Carnie Fryfogle

For today’s blog, we will be interviewing and learning about our CEO Carnie Fryfogle!

Get ready to learn where C3 American Exteriors got its name, how the company came to be, and so much more!

Q: How did C3 American Exteriors come to be? Who are the 3 Carnies?

A: C3 of course comes from my name which is Carnie Fryfogle III. Carnie senior, my grandfather was a developer and home builder while my father did more custom homes and remodeling projects. Both Carnie senior and Carnie Jr, my father, taught me general life lessons as well as the hands on skills needed in the construction industry. If it weren’t for those two men that came before me, odds are C3 would not be what it is today.

Q: What is your role at C3?

A: I am the CEO of C3. My main role is to be the face of the company and work on the vision and future of the company. The day to day tasks for the most part are handled by my hard working team of individuals around me which allows me to focus on the future of the company and implementing new technologies and techniques to help us stay current in the marketplace.

Q: How did you get started in roofing and construction?

A: I have been around construction ever since I can remember. Any chance my father could put me in the truck with him and take me to work, I went. I worked every summer helping my father from about 5th grade throughout high school. After high school, I continued to help my father full time until stepping out on my own and starting C3.

Q: What is your favorite part of what you do?

A: The thing I enjoy most about what I do would easily have to be seeing the lives that we as an organization affect. Whether that is people with a damaged property looking for the right person to put it back together or the 50+ employees that we have here that have grown with the company and ultimately have created a better life for them and their families through the efforts of everyone here at C3.

Q: What are some tips that everyone should know about taking care of a house?

A: Be smart about the decisions you make when it comes to renovating your home. Make sure you take the time to vet different companies and make sure you aren’t just making a decision based upon price. This is the place that you live and most people cherish. Make sure when you are about to do a project, that not only is it within your financial budget but God-forbid something goes wrong, the people you are doing business with are the type of people to stand by and make it right and not just leave you to deal with the issues.

Q: What is one or some common mistake(s) that you see people make too often? What can they do to avoid this?

A: Procrastinating on a project. Obviously, financially, people are all in different brackets, but one thing we see over and over is a property not getting the attention it needs, and that adds additional unnecessary costs to the project because we now have to fix a bunch of rotten wood that could have otherwise been avoided if the issue would have been taking care of in a timely fashion.

Q: If you could change one thing about the roofing industry what would it be?

A: The money motivated sales reps in our industry. You have to make it about more than just a transaction. It drives me crazy to see people running around just selling stuff and not actually having a concern for what is right for the customer and making sure that you make it an enjoyable experience for the customer instead of just an exchange of money for a service.

Q: What is your favorite type of project to be a part of?

A: I love taking part in the larger projects we tackle. There’s something different about tackling a real large project and after its completed taking a step back and looking at what everyone accomplished together.

Q: What is one fun fact about yourself that you want people to know?

A: I’m probably the coolest dude you’ll ever meet…

Q: Outside of roofing and construction, what are your favorite hobbies?

A: I love the down time that I get to spend on the water fishing or out in the woods hunting. It’s hard to find me without a smile on my face and really enjoying myself when I get to spend some time in the outdoors or with friends and family.

Q: We know you love your job. Why is it important to love what you do?

A: It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, but the reality of it is that we spend at least 1/3 of our lives working a job. You might as well find something that excites you and you enjoy more days than not because once time passes, you can’t get it back, and you deserve to enjoy your time just as much as the next person.


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