Can Cicadas Cause Damage to Your House?

Alright everyone, it is officially happening. The cicadas are back. Seventeen years seemed to fly right by, and now it is tough to go outside without seeing or hearing the big bugs everywhere. They can be quite annoying, popping up everywhere, and making their way into our houses and cars. This raises the question, should […]

Why are Roofing Projects Taking Longer?

During the pandemic, all of our lives were forced to change quickly. We were quarantined and isolated, and many things are still taking time to go back to normal. The results of Covid are still weighing heavily on the world. Many businesses have either closed or changed drastically. In the roofing and construction business, we […]

Filing Insurance Claims About Roof Damage: What is Our Process?

Did you know that at C3 American Exteriors we have a department that deals with insurance? That’s right! We can help you with all areas of the construction and roofing processes, and this includes insurance. So, what is the process from finding damage to filing a claim? What happens after the claim is filed? Read […]

How Does Wind Damage a Roof?

We purposely wanted to release this blog right after the recent storms that hit our area. As you know, storms can cause damage to our roofs, but we are looking specifically at how wind affects our houses today. How does wind damage a roof, and what should you do if this happens to you? Read […]