Three Tab VS Architectural Shingles

The two main types of roofs that you will see are Three Tab and Architectural. What is the difference between these two roofing designs, and which one do we recommend and prefer? Read on to find out! Between the two options, Three Tab roofs are not as substantial, and are an older design. Due to […]

Why are Roofing Prices Rising, And Why is Now the Best Time to Have Work Done?

Last year, the world changed drastically, and everything we knew was suddenly completely different. It should not come as a surprise that the roofing and exterior construction businesses would have to deal with some changes as well.  What kind of changes are we talking about? Prices. This is not just happening with some companies, but […]

Some Exciting News to Share

We have some exciting news to share! Recently, we were recognized as the fifth fastest growing roofing contractor in North America by CertainTeed. We are so happy, and we knew that we had to tell you all about this wonderful news! So how did we do it?  As you know, we always put our customers […]

The Commercial That Made Homeowners Love Us and Insurance Adjusters Hate Us

Recently, we released a commercial that brought a lot of traffic to our website, but we weren’t expecting to have such a mixed reaction to what we had to offer.  There has been a lot of bad weather recently, resulting in roof and siding damage and, therefore, loss of money for homeowners. We wanted people […]

What to do About a Leaky Roofs

Nobody likes having a leak in their roof. One second, you are sitting inside listening to the rain or snow on top of your house, and the next, there is water dripping in the middle of the room. What causes leaky roofs, and how are they fixed? Read on to find out! The most common […]